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Skittles Night

posted 27 Nov 2017, 02:03 by Phil Williams   [ updated 27 Nov 2017, 02:17 ]
Despite 54 members and guests getting a drink before dinner it was all very civilised. On Friday 10th November, it was not a survival of the fittest or those with the sharpest elbows to get served first-most unlike Probus members!

After we had found our tables and discovered who were going to be in our team for the night’s events, things soon settled down. Food then served was of the usual excellent quality with a choice of chicken curry or beef casserole for the main course followed by a choice of three desserts. There were, of course, several members who went back for second helpings.
The main event of the evening then commenced with six teams of either 8 or 10 with adjustment being made for the team with only 8. John kept a close eye on the play ensuring that those cheating, cheated fairly! In the second round despite Bob Johnson scoring 2 strikes and a score of 25 out of 27, it was not good enough for his Red Team to be overall victors. Many
thanks to Arthur and Sheila Showell, the scorers, who could not be bribed despite our best efforts.

After the physical exertions of the skittles, we then settled down to exertions of the mind to complete the 100 question quiz. After
another hard fought contest, the overall winners of the evening were the Yellow Team consisting of Roger and Sue Dudley Bob and Dot Frisby, Mike and Val Herridge, Alan and June Jones and Trevor and Pauline Smith.

Many thanks to John and Linda for organising another splendid evening of skittles.

Ken Batson