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Christmas Yuletide Dinner

posted 10 Jan 2018, 01:46 by Phil Williams   [ updated 10 Jan 2018, 01:49 ]
Grounds Country Sports Club coped well, as on Wednesday 6th December, the red tide of Maney Probus descended in force on their warm & welcoming hostelry, for our Christmas Yuletide gathering. As usual the bar was packed with most preparing their throats for the impending carol service. 

Numbering some 75 colourful members, all being amply fed, from the excellent buffet offering of chicken, beef or vegetarian option all with the trimmings, followed by delicious desserts, mince pies with coffee or tea. Worth a mention here was the way we were looked after by David, Anne, Zoe & Meg.

In keeping with the season, we had a Christmas Quiz, won, after a tie break by Table 2, prizes, bottles of chocolate liquors, these bright sparks made up of Pam & David Cross, Val & Mike Herridge, Sue & John Weston, Derek Haywood and Bob Johnson. Knowing the men involved I'm sure the ladies won it for them.
This followed by Morgan Perkins, an 'Old Blue Eyes' type singer, crooning most of Frank's well known songs, easy listening, to which many, led by Bob & Dot and Peter & Susan, managed to do a sort of waltz? down the central gap between tables. Morgan then led a carol service, thoroughly enjoyed by all culminating in the 12 Days of Christmas, with each table allotted a verse, so it doesn't take much imagination to understand the rivalry, but as the S.A.N.A (self appointed neutral adjudicator and I'm writing this report, so?) without doubt Table 4 won. Knowing from the tone deaf there will be some dissent, so reasons, Table One (Table 1) still suffering from losing quiz 'sudden death' challenge with Table 2, who I think had started on their winnings. Table 3, plenty of volume, with loss of clarity but they came second. Table 4 brilliant, just brilliant. The rest of the tables tied in 3rd place, to elucidate Table 5 lacked baritone and depth. Table 6 stumbled over some of the words and was a bit pitchy. Table 7 was a bit like 6, but a lot of 'clatter' and mumbling. Table 8 late with their verse, struggled to keep up, timing issues. However it was, a close run contest.
I must confess I looked for Frank Cole just to check which top coat he wore, I didn't recognise him having now been told he was heavily disguised, sporting a fine beard, which suited him.

Finally I must mention how tremendous the ladies looked. Our grateful thanks go to Peter and Susan Knights for organizing such a treat. 

Bob Din