About Us

Early in 2005, three people met and decided that there was a need to form another club for retired professional businessmen in the Sutton Coldfield area, so with £100, kindly donated by Sutton Vesey Rotary Club, to provide for the President's Jewel and to pay for room hire, John Wallis, John Turner and Bob Din put out a press release, spread the word over the grape vine and in June 2005 Maney Probus Club had it's first official meeting at St Peters Church Hall in Maney (hence the name of the club).

At that first meeting, where 12 members met, John Wallis was elected President, John Turner was elected Vice President and Treasurer and Bob Din was elected Secretary. A bank account was opened, signatories agreed and a Constitution was written by John Turner. By the time the Club held it's first AGM in April 2006 the number of members had risen to 21.

Early in 2007, the then President, John Turner, held discussions with the President of Erdington Probus Club, Gordon Smith and being aware of that Club's problems, when it closed, those members who wished to continue asked to join Maney and by the time of the second AGM in April 2007, the membership had grown to 38.

They say, success breeds success and the membership continued to grow steadily and reached 43 by the 2008 AGM.

However, in 2009 the membership had reached 47 and being aware of the number of potential members showing interest in joining the Club, it was decided to amend the membership limit in the constitution from 50 to 55.

At the 5th anniversary of the Club in 2010, our membership had reached 55 and as there were still potential members, a waiting list was put into operation for the very first time.

By 2011 the membership was fully subscribed, as was the waiting list of 5. It was thought appropriate by the Club's current committee, that the efforts of John Wallis should not go unrecognised. Through his vision, tenacity, enthusiasm and sheer commitment we now have a thriving and successful Club. John has been bestowed the title of the Club's first Honorary Member.